Our running Courses

We are running a large number of educational program for the students through which they can get desired education and make their future bright. Our educational program is as follows:

>> General Courses <<

Sr. No.Courses
1. C.C.C(Course on Computer Concept)
2. A.A.C(Advance Accounting Course)
3. Spoken English
4. Auto CAD
5. D.T.P(Desk top Publishing)
6. Mobile Reparing
7. Web Designing

>> Diploma Courses <<

Sr. No.Courses
1. D.C.A(Diploma in Computer Application)
2. D.R.A(Diploma in Refrigration and Air-Conditioning)
3. D.H.N(Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking)
4. Diploma in 'O' Level
5. Diploma in 'A' Level
6. Diploma in 'B' Level

>>Advance Diploma Courses <<

Sr. No.Courses
1. A.D.C.A(Advance Diploma in Computer Application)
2. A.D.H.N(Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking)

>>Post Graduate Diploma Courses <<

Sr. No.Courses
1. P.G.D.I.P.R (Post Graduate Diploma in intellectual Property Rights)
2. P.G.D.D.P.N (Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Public Nutrition)
3. P.G.D.M.C.H (Post Graduate Diploma in Meternal & Child Health)
4. P.G.D.F.S.Q.M (Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety & Quality Management)
5. P.G.D.H.H.M (Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management)
6. P.G.D.C.A (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application)

>>Bachelor Degree Courses <<

Sr. No.Courses
1. B.A(Hindi, English, Mathematics, Economics, Sociology, Politicial Science, History)
2. B.A(Fashion Designing & Fine Arts)
3. B.B.A
4. B.C.A
5. B.A. - JMC
6. B. Lib
7. B. Sc (PCM)
8. B. Sc (ZBC)
9. B. Com

>>Master Degree Courses <<

Sr. No.Courses
1. M.A(Hindi, English, Sociology, Politicial Science, History, Public Administration)
2. 1:- M.B.A (with Dual Specializaion (Information Technology/ Human Resource Management/ Marketing Management/ Production & Operation Management/ Financial Management))
3. 2:- M.B.A (with Single Specializaion (Hotel and Tourist Management/ Telecom Management/ Fashion/ Pharmaceutical Marketing/ Hospital Administration))
4. M.A. - JMC
5. M. Lib
6. M. Sc (Dietetics & Food Service Management)
7. M. Sc (Computer Application)
8. M.C.A
9. M. Com